Story of Giorgi

From the age of 12 I started to smoke, at 14 to drink and at age of 17 I started to use heavy drugs. I lived criminal life with no hope and help from anyone, my family was losing me...

... In 2011 I came to Teen Challenge Georgia, where I got freedom from my addicon.  Aer I got help I decided to help others and I stayed in Teen Challenge as a worker. Today I am living free from addicon for more than 6 years, I married to wonderful wife and have a son. I am very thankful to Teen Challenge Georgia and everyone who helped me

Teen Challenge currently offers a 12 month, 24 hour staffed residential drug-free therapeutic community for men wanting to overcome tobacco, alcohol, drug and gambling addictions. We care for their social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs through personal and group studies (working on character qualities), personal counselling, English language courses, living skills program, computer training, vocational training, sport and recreation activities.


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