About Us

The first Teen Challenge center was founded in 1958 in New York, USA. Today number of centers exceeds 1400 in 125 countries all over the world.Teen Challenge Georgia was founded in June 2010 by Doug and Anna Boyle, General Directors (on picture).


Our Mission

To provide youth, men and women with an effective and comprehensive solution to life-controlling problems, such as substance abuse, in order that they become productive members of society.

How do we help 


We offer a 12 month, 24 hour staffed residential drug-free therapeutic community for men wanting to overcome tobacco, alcohol, drug and gambling addictions. We care for their social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs by offering:

1. Personal and group studies on developing their character
2. Personal counselling
3. English language courses with native speakers
4. Living skills training
5. Computer training
6. Vocational training, sport and recreational activities  



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